At Sportwip we believe that the people we hire are the most fundamental
aspect of our business. We are looking for brilliantly smart, passionate and creative people
to join our team to transform the corporate wellness industry.

The future of corporate wellness
We are revolutionizing how the corporate wellness industry works with 21st century technology. Our goal is to improve peoples engagement and interaction with corporate wellness with a fun and social platform. We help employees develop healthy habits though gamified solutions.

Life at Sportwip
We are a start-up with huge aspirations, believing in encouragement, innovation and celebrating achievements. We are here to transform the world of corporate wellness with a positive and productive work environment, where every person feels valued. At Sportwip we are not just a fun team, we are a family.

Grow With Us
We currently have the following positions available:


Are you a switched on engineer? Can you utilize big data and build beautiful products? If you are tidy when it comes to your work and are happy to live in beautiful Texas or Slovenia for a while, then we'd love you to join our talented family of engineers.


Are you a sports enthusiasts and who loves working with people? Our new health and engagement platform need nurturing. Do you understand customer needs and driving strategies forward? Join the team and help develop long-term growth for Sportwip.


Are you a creative person that values peoples health and how they interact with it? Preserving our culture through socially-enabled communication, collaboration and content. Invoke the power of storytelling to strengthen our culture and share it with the rest of the world.